Income and Business Opportunity


Sisel International offers many opportunities, the opportunity of improving your health and the opportunity of improving your wealth.  When people enjoy the many benefits of Sisel products they can't help, but tell others about them and here is where the wealth part comes in.


Some people start out as Preferred Costumers and stay Preferred Customers, but there are many who start out as Preferred Customers, start telling others of their experiences and guess what happens.  Those people want to learn more about the Sisel products and many of them purchase the products. So, the Preferred Customer becomes a Distributor.


We also have many people who are looking to supplement their income or even generate enough income to leave their current jobs and they start out as Distributors.


Whether you want to start out as a Preferred Customer or you want to jump in as a Distributor your decision will be supported and we will be there to help you to make your world a Wonderful World.  


Speaking of world, your income is not limited to the United States.  Sisel International is currently operating in 30 countries and counting.


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