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As we all know, our bodies are electrical.  Our brains send electrical signals to the rest of our body to function and when someone’s heart stops doctors use electric paddles to jump-start the heart.  Every cell in our body has an electrical frequency to it.


Think about this for a moment.  You have a perfectly good radio and all of a sudden you are starting to get static.  Somewhere there is interference that is disrupting the signal.  Is the radio going bad or is it that the signal or frequency to the radio is getting weaker or is being disrupted.  When the signal is restored the radio sounds great again, doesn’t it.  So, the radio was not bad, it was the frequency that was compromised, which in essence made the radio malfunction.


Restore the proper frequency and you restore the radio.  Restore the cellular frequencies and you restore the body, and you thought being healthy was complicated.


The frequencies in our bodies are being compromised 24 hours a day.  We are being bombarded by radio waves from cell phone towers, microwave signals from those big communication towers, and microwave ovens and so on.


The frequencies in our body are also being compromised by some of the negative foods that we eat and drink.


My Employee/Corporate Wellness Program teaches the employee simple techniques on how to work towards restoring proper functioning of their body at the cellular level.  My program helps the employee to determine the cause of their situation and not just address a particular symptom.


Simple easy to do lymphatic exercises can also help in restoring normal functioning of your cells.


Cost to the employee to implement my program, besides their time, little to nothing.


The cost to the employer to implement my program depends on the number of employees and locations.  Since my program is result oriented the fee is very cost effective.


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