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In 2001 I published my first book, Learn the Simple Truth to Achieving Optimum Health.  You can find it on Amazon by clicking HERE.


Anyway,  I believe that I have found a company whose products have simplified my simple approach to achieving optimum health.  I am a Holistic Health Practitioner with a twist.  The twist is that it is nice for people to enjoy many benefits from natural products, but I need to see the supporting science behind the nutrients that they are consuming before I put my stamp of approaval on them.


I put this site together because I see that there are so many people who are too busy just getting by to learn how simple it is to improve their health and their wealth.  Yes, I said wealth.  


In my opinion, "What Good is Health without Wealth and What Good is Wealth if you don't have your Health"


For those of you who are only concerned with  improving your health and the health of your family, that's fine.  The products that I found could help you with that and for those of you who would like more out of life, I believe I can help you with that as well.


Let's start with Health.  


Many of you are unknowingly poisoning yourself and family.   Go to "Toxic Chemicals in Your Home and Toxic Skin Care Products" and watch the short videos.  You will be shocked as to what we are unknowling putting into our bodies, at least I was.


After doing my research I was very impressed with the products that are manufactured by SISEL International.  As you navigate through this site you will be learning more about this company and their products.


Heart Disease and Cancer are the biggest killers of Americans and I truly believe that after you review the products and the science that supports the ingredients that are used in these products you will be very glad that you visited this site.


From what I have been learning Cancer is a result of a weak immune system, which is weakened by the many toxins that are absorbed in our bodies plus stress and other factors.  Since more and more people are being diagnosed with cancer I am doing my best to minimize the toxins in my body and to have the best immune system that I can have.  


How about You and Your Family?


Wouldn't it be nice if you and your family can minimize the toxins aborbed in your bodies

and to have the Best Immune System possible in a simple and easy way?


If you answered YES!!  You will be very glad that you visited this site.


To Learn How You Can Replace the Harmful Products that You May be Using go to:


If you would like to contact me click Here.


I wish you all a Healthy Today and Tomorrow!!!














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